Masks Off, What’s Next? The Courage to Breathe in Seattle, WA USA

Anastasia (Staci) Sprout
12 min readMar 28, 2022


[This talk shared at a Seattle March for Freedom at Westlake Center 2–26–22. Watch the talk on video here, starting at 31:55 —]

At midnight on March 11, 2022, the so-called “mask mandate” was repealed in Washington state, with this caveat by Governor Jay Inslee:

“We must be mindful that many in our communities remain vulnerable.”

Yes, the mask mandate has officially ended for now, and many in our communities do remain vulnerable. But I don’t see that vulnerability in the same way Jay Inslee meant it. The wounds of covid may no longer so be visible, as many masks do come off, the pressure to get the jab reduces, the news shifts to war on foreign shores, and restaurants stop checking papers at their doors. That happened to me in West Seattle, I was ejected from a table at New Luck Toy for not having a vaccine card, and not allowed even to order takeout. Yes, make no mistake, the small and larger wounds inflicted over these past two long years have not healed. Divisions in families and communities remain, and many of us — maybe all of us — have hidden scars that need immediate loving attention.

Let’s take a show of hands: Who here has been rejected by loved ones, employers, or in public for your private, personal health choices over the last two years, related to masking, testing, or injections? (Note: Almost everyone in the crowd raised their hand)

Look around. These actions cause injuries to the heart. They cause grief, which I define as a process of transformation to move wounds to wisdom. And they can cause stuck grief, which I call trauma. Such harm can render us confused over why we are being mistreated like this, and what really happened.

Here is my opinion. I believe this global, coordinated covid fear campaign has amplified citizen reactions to the point of mass delusional compliance — resulting from what my colleague Dr. Robert Malone has called “Mass Formation Psychosis.” If you haven’t heard of Mass Formation Psychosis I encourage you to research it, but I quote Dr. Malone describing it here:

What one observes with the mass hypnosis is that a large fraction of the population is completely unable to process new scientific data and facts demonstrating that they have been misled about the effectiveness and adverse impacts of mandatory mask use, lockdowns, and genetic vaccines that cause people’s bodies to make large amounts of biologically active coronavirus Spike protein.

These hypnotized by this process are unable to recognize the lies and misrepresentations they are being bombarded with on a daily basis, and actively attack anyone who has the temerity to share information with them which contradicts the propaganda that they have come to embrace. And for those whose families and social networks have been torn apart by this process, and who find that close relatives and friends have ghosted them because they question the officially endorsed “truth” and are actually following the scientific literature, this can be a source of deep anguish, sorrow and psychological pain.

But to heal this anguish, it’s important to understand the nature of the injuries. We must not simply blame our fearful neighbors. Collective common sense did not just vanish in the wake of individual or family fear of dying or devastating illness over these last two years of covid fraud. No, our judgment was intentionally targeted for override by a carefully crafted, organized campaign. Another way of saying this is we have been victims of a criminal conspiracy. I am not afraid to use those words, because they are the truth. We must not allow anyone to bully us into silencing the truth any longer! Ever again!

Yes, the powers-that-be (should-NOT-be) used unrelenting fear tactics, and that worked for many. To quote children’s right activist Gabbi Choong,

Creating anxiety and fear, inducing states of high suggestibility and controlling relationships to assure loyalty and obedience are standard management techniques of the social body.

But I think even more insidious than using fear and peer pressure to trigger our innate herd mentality, the mass mind control psychological operations at play took the thing that humans do the best and used it to exploit us. They exploited our care for one another.

They exploited our care for one another.

The desire to be good neighbors, parents, daughters, sons, grandchildren, employees and friends have motivated many to wear masks and consent to experimental gene therapy. They exploited our hearts, our love. Though I have been frustrated at times with others’ compliance, I cannot fault good people who are coerced and tricked into thinking their actions might protect others. I grieve their injuries too. I can say, however, that we must wake up to the harm being perpetrated in our community, and not allow it to cause us to divide and turn on each other anymore! Here is my sign, to contrast the stay 6’ away mentality of the last two years: Come Closer! I welcome loving hugs after this event.

We are here today, and this is something March for Freedom WA has always stood for: We are here to rebuild genuine community care and common sense! And it takes common sense to conduct an accurate threat assessment. It is time to celebrate the gains we’ve insisted upon over the last year, but it is not time to let down our vigilance completely.

As I review the aftermath of these past two years, it is my opinion that the credible threat in our community is not future risk of contracting covid, but from another, far more dangerous source. I believe the real threat to our vulnerability will be further imposed by the deceptive, malevolent agenda of those running the covid fraud scandal, or whatever version is coming next. By this I mean those who have perpetrated government and corporate corruption, lies, and tyranny; those behind the coordinated, relentless fear-mongering news stories that have indeed terrorized us; and for many, the coerced administration of a mass injection of poison whose impacts are as of yet, mostly unrevealed. Because sadly, I believe there will be many more tactics of division to come.

Our fearless leader of the March on Washington-WA, Victoria Palmer introduced me with my professional credentials — yes, I am a licensed psychotherapist, I own a private practice and an educational media company, and I’ve supported brave people’s healing for 27 years. But I’d like to share with you something else about my past experience that qualifies me even more to teach about the harmful operations currently underway: I was born into and grew up in a local network of covert, organized crime. I lived in an underground military base — called a DUMS for short — for two years, ages four to six, for training, which continued long after that. I am a survivor of extreme childhood abuse, which included child sex trafficking and pornography exploitation, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and Trauma-Based Mind Control. As an insider in these networks, I saw firsthand the cunning malevolence behind the public front. And let me tell you, it is all about deception, control, and exploitation. The only care those involved in this mass mainstreaming of the evil ideology in whatever form have about our vulnerability is exploiting it.

Disclosure about extreme childhood abuse, Deep Underground Military Basis, child sacrifice and more has risen exponentially over the last three years. I was personally very inspired by Jeanette Archer’s public declaration about Satanic Abuse of herself and others in a press conference on the steps of Winsor Castle in the UK. And the truth coming out of the Australia whistleblowers will blow your socks off! Yes, the truth is coming out, causing local people to ask questions like: What was really going on in Seattle’s underground when we were told Big Bertha construction was halted for an entire year? What’s really underneath the Bill & Melinda Gates’s building? Why did the couple divorce? Why are so many involved in covid leadership, like Gates, also connected to Jeffrey Epstein, and child pornography? We must ask these questions to anyone who wants to inject anything into our bodies!

To begin to make sense of how so many people have been coerced into compliance over the past two years, I am going to break down for you something I learned as a child being traumatized, and then trained as a programmer in Trauma-Based Mind Control. What was done to me, and then I was made to do on other individuals when I was a child has been mainstreamed for the entire world.

Here’s how it works:

Take a human, terrify them beyond rational thought, isolate and immobilize them, bully, berate and coerce them, alternate positive and negative reinforcement, whatever works, promise rewards to comply. When you do this long and hard enough, most people will do whatever you want. You can program them to think what you want, parrot your ideas, follow your commands. It’s awful, but it’s effective. Tell them that their compliance will help others? That may be the most “effective” tactic ever. That’s what this is: mass emotional trauma-based mind control. We’ve been emotionally tortured, and it’s been horribly effective for many. But no more!

We have terms for this in the mental health field — you can study it more.

1) The Polyvagal Theory

2) The insanity caused by social isolation aka Solitary Confinement

3) Stockholm Syndrome

So come along with me, let’s take a journey into some key aspects of human trauma response, and how to heal it.

We start with the Polyvagal Theory, developed by Dr. Stephen Porges. It informs us that humans have not just one, but three branches of our nervous systems, and how we react to things depends on the level of safety or threat we perceive. These modes of responding can be divided into:

1) Safe

2) Immediate but not fatal threat

3) Life-threatening danger

Think of this as an upside down stoplight with green, yellow, and red at the bottom.

How we react to things depends on the level of safety or threat we perceive.

The Covid danger was represented in public health media as a life-threatening condition, or a RED level danger. Normally, humans cope with danger by seeking safety through connection, and we would naturally turn to our loved ones to make sense of what was happening and for reassurance — it’s how our nervous systems, also known as our emotional immune systems, work. We are always trying to get back to green, or safety, and we usually do this together.

But isolation and masking policies damaged this form of support because people became so fearful of one another. Humans rely on cues to connect: eye contact, facial expressions, words in friendly, kind tones, loving touch, and body language. LEANING IN. Masks cover most of that up, and the oxymoronic term “social distancing” did the rest to keep us without comfort and encouragement when we were needing it most.

Without enough connection in times of threat, humans automatically drop into the yellow light zone, which is mobilize aka MOVE to get safe again. This is called the fight or flight reaction. Those of us here are natural fighters, many stood up and had their voices, declined to enter the psychosis, and fought legal and vocational battles for common sense and freedom. Anyone here who identifies as having used their “fight” reaction this year, please raise your hand.

The “flight” response can look like avoiding or exiting situations or relationships that you once could handle, a loss of resiliency. I relate to the flight response, as I was bullied at my workplace for not wearing a mask, even though I had a valid mask exemption for anxiety. I made plans to vacate my office and move away from Seattle, but it was coming to this first March for Freedom that inspired me to find the courage to stay. I especially credit Larissa for her “You got this!” pep talk to me at that march, thank you Larissa. So you see how instead of leaving, I went back into my green light of connect with others for safety, and that gave me the courage to speak up. I stood up to my workplace bully and didn’t have any more problems at my office. I’m sure many have contemplated leaving Seattle or WA state this year, and in fact many we know and love have moved to more mask-free, bully-free pastures.

The third mode of our nervous system reaction to extreme threat is the RED light, called freeze, which often is accompanied by what is called appease. Freeze and appease refers to mindless compliance.

The problem with survival brain fear tactics is they are anti-intimacy, anti-connection, and anti-community. Survival brain was meant for short bursts to outrun tigers, not a way-of-life “new normal.” Living under duress exhausts our adrenal systems and depletes our health and immune systems. In other words, chronic threat reactivity degrades our health and mental health. We are still living in a traumatized community plagued by exaggerated fear, division, hostility and despair. I fear our community is suffering from something mental health therapists call “Stockholm Syndrome.”

If you don’t know,

Stockholm syndrome is a psychological defense against overwhelming terror where a captive begins to identify closely with his or her captors, as well as with their agenda and demands.

[Read more about the Stockholm Syndrome in action with the story of the Stanford Prison Experiment:]

We see it with bullies and their victims all the time. If you isolate someone and scare someone badly enough, you can make them do anything, no matter how illogical or even self-detrimental. You force them into survival brain, aka “freeze and appease.” We need to come out of this. We need to get INTO ACTION. THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE AND TAKING A STAND FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE! IT’S VERY HEALING FOR DEPRESSION ANXIETY AND DESPAIR.

So what is next? This part is excerpted and slightly adapted for flow from the work of Lisa Renee of the website — check out her blog entries.

We must prepare for this in the coming months. We will see more vaccine-related injuries. The outer environment is increasing with vaxxed people suffering more sudden physical, mental, emotional impairments. Great changes are to come from disclosure to the extent of the malevolence behind this agenda. The poisons in the vaccines may cause mental fracturing, memory problems, and confusion in those who have taken them. We must consciously choose how we will best respond to difficult situations that involve interacting with anyone with mental and emotional impairment. We may see serious delusional states. Many will be unable to recognize the truth, nor be able to comprehend the magnitude of corruption and betrayal behind this covid machine, and will enter utter the delusion of the profoundly traumatized.

By contrast, we must enter and maintain a state of unconditional love, as much as we can. We must take care of our minds, hearts and bodies. We are spiritual warriors serving the light of truth, and should not take others’ reactions personally when they are overcome by fear and unable to comprehend what is really going on. Choose love over fear, be guided by our hearts, and let us band together to usher in a new beginning of co-creation of protection, support and meaningful co-creation. That may mean forming smaller societies within the larger one. Timing is everything — we must open our minds and meditate on exactly where we are supposed to be and what we are called to do in the coming years. Self-love, self-acceptance, and commitment to personal responsibility. We must follow the principles of ethical conduct.

As often as possible, we must take immediate measures to restore the most powerful medicine to our society, the medicine of smiling faces and hugs and gathering, of warm welcomes and “come closer” not “stay away.” We need to put the “unity” back in “community.” The antidote to the fatal outcomes of isolation policies: in-person connection. We need real “face time.”

A am grateful to see the mandates dropped, finally. All current government leadership that cannot see and be moved by the escalating socio-emotional suffering and mortality risk of the people they are entrusted to support and serve — I hold a vision that the community can act independently to rise up, find the strength to get anyone who will not consider and act on common sense out of office. They do not deserve power if they are going to abuse or neglect it.

For governor, I have another idea…VICTORIA PALMER FOR GOVERNOR-WA!

Victoria Palmer, Founder of March for Freedom Washington and the Seattle Truth Network

Staci Sprout, LICSW, CSAT is a is a licensed psychotherapist from Seattle with over twenty-six years of experience as a therapist and social worker in a variety of settings from community mental health and hospitals to private clinical practice. Since 2006, she has dedicated her practice to helping individuals, groups and couples in recovery from sex/pornography, love and relationship addictions. She wrote a book about her own recovery titled Naked in Public: A Memoir of Recovery from Sex Addiction and Other Temporary Insanities.

More information available at Online professional education program “Shadows of the Heart: Best Practices of Helping Professionals Treating Women with Love, Sex and Relationship Addiction” at Staci’s latest venture has been to launch “Women’s Intimacy Skills Bootcamp” classes for women who want a gentle crash course in intimacy with self and others.



Anastasia (Staci) Sprout

…is an Intimacy/Addictions Recovery Coach from Seattle with over twenty-six years of experience as a therapist and social worker.